Year 6 recently received a devastating email from Newcastle City Council outlining their plan to close Heaton Park. Thoroughly objecting to the proposal, the children made it their mission to ensure that the plans did not go ahead by writing persuasive letters the council.

Below are some of our responses to the proposal:


Adam: ‘Without the park, where will we go to play?’


Charlotte: ‘If it is closed down, I’ll go bananas and probably move to Jupiter!’


William: ‘Do you really want to be the cause of children crying themselves to sleep at night?’


Niamh: ‘Have you really thought about what you’re doing?’

Zaid: ‘The park is an amazing, wonderful and glorious environment that all people can enjoy.’

Julia: ‘Heaton Park is a valuable connection to the wild and urban atmosphere.’


Nyree: ‘You must be a fool to think that this is a good idea!’


We hope our letters persuade the council that Heaton Park SHOULD NOT BE CLOSED!




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