An Epic Adventure: Year 3’s Trip to Ancient Egypt at the Great North Museum

Last week, our Year 3 class had the most amazing adventure at the Great North Museum, where we explored the wonders of Ancient Egypt. It was a day filled with exciting activities, cool costumes, and incredible discoveries that made history come alive right before our eyes!

Dressing Up as Pharaohs and Egyptians:

As soon as we stepped into the museum, we got to dress up in awesome Egyptian clothes! Some of us became mighty pharaohs with animal style crowns, while others wore beautiful robes and sparkling jewellery. Dressing up helped us imagine what it was like to live in ancient times and made us feel like real Egyptians

The Magical Journey to the Afterlife:

Next, we went on a magical, animated journey to the afterlife. We followed the path that ancient Egyptians believed souls took after death. We saw gods, mythical creatures, and learned about the amazing stories and beliefs that guided their lives. It was like stepping into a magical storybook filled with wonders.

The Weighing of the Heart:

One of the coolest activities was learning about the “weighing of the heart.” We labeled a scene where a heart was weighed against a feather. Ancient Egyptians believed this decided if someone could enter the afterlife. We talked about being good and kind, just like the Egyptians believed. It was a great way to think about why it’s important to be nice and do the right thing.

Discovering Real Artefacts:

The museum was full of real ancient Egyptian artifacts. We saw a cast of the Rosetta Stone, which helped people understand Egyptian writing. We also got to sketch artifacts like statues and jewellery. Drawing these amazing items made us notice all the little details and think about how people lived long ago.

Why This Trip Was Awesome:

This trip wasn’t just fun—it was super important for us because:

– We Got Hands-On with History: We didn’t just read about Egypt; we lived it by dressing up and participating in activities.
– We Learned About Kindness: The weighing of the heart taught us why being good and fair is important.
– We Became Detectives: Sketching and observing artifacts made us curious and helped us learn to notice small details.
– We Connected with the Past: Dressing up and seeing real artifacts made ancient Egypt feel real and exciting.

Year 3 were amazing! We showed respect, asked great questions, and were super excited about everything we saw and did. Our adventure to the Great North Museum was a huge success because of everyone’s great behavior and enthusiasm.

Our trip to the Great North Museum was a day full of discovery, learning, and fun. We can’t wait for our next big adventure!