In geography, children have been learning about water and the water cycle. With this knowledge, children wrote a diary from the point of view of a child in a third world country, highlighting the importance of clean water and the fight against pollution. They wrote diary entries from the perspective of a fictional character named Amina, giving voice to the challenges and hopes of millions of children around the globe.

Here’s a glimpse into Amina’s world, as imagined by our Year 3 children:

6:00 AM: “I wake up to the sound of roosters crowing and the smell of smoke in the air. My family doesn’t have clean cooking fuel, so we use firewood, which makes it hard to breathe sometimes.”

7:00 AM: “I go to the well with my mother to fetch water. The water is dirty, but we have to use it for everything. I wish we had clean water to drink and play in.”

10:00 AM: “At school, we learn about pollution and how it’s hurting our planet. I want to help make a difference and protect our environment.”

1:00 PM: “During lunchtime, my friends and I talk about our dreams for the future. We want to live in a world where everyone has clean water and the air is fresh.”

4:00 PM: “After school, I help my family collect plastic bottles and bags to recycle. It’s important to keep our village clean and reduce pollution.”