Buckle up for a journey into the fascinating world of magnets and forces with our Year 3 children! This week, our young scientists were buzzing with excitement as they delved into the mysteries of magnetism and discovered the incredible powers of north and south poles.

First, we talked about what magnets are and how they work. The children were amazed to learn that magnets have invisible forces that can attract or repel certain objects. They were quick to grasp the concept of north and south poles, and soon, our classroom was buzzing with talk of magnetic fields! But the real fun began when we got hands-on! Armed with magnets of all shapes and sizes, the kids eagerly experimented with the forces of attraction and repulsion. They were thrilled to discover that opposite poles attract each other, while like poles repel.

One of the highlights of the lesson was when we explored the concept of magnetic force through tables. Yes, you read that right – through tables! Using a simple experiment, the children were able to feel the invisible force of magnets as they moved them underneath the table surface. Their faces lit up with wonder as they realised that even though they couldn’t see it, there was a powerful force at work right beneath their fingertips.