Year 3 children have been using Purple Mash this week as part of their computing scheme of work. This half-term we are focusing on the information technology strand and looking at graphs. First, we discussed the strand of computing that we would be focusing on and then we looked at and discussed key vocabulary for the lesson. We then collected data in our class based on the most popular ice-cream flavour. The aim of the session was to enter data into a graph and answer questions, and children success criteria was based on their ability to set up a graph with a given number of fields, enter data for a graph, and produce and share graphs made on the iPad. As an extension activity, we discussed how best to select the most appropriate style of graph for their data and explain their reasoning. For example, a bar chart was good for showing categorical data in a very visual way. A line graph was good to show changes over time i.e., temperature of 12 months.

New Vocabulary this half-term

Graph: A diagram that represents data there are specific layouts for graphs including bar graphs and line graphs.

Chart: A diagram that represents data. Charts include graphs and other diagrams such as pie charts or flowcharts.

Title: A few words put at the beginning of a produced piece of work, that relates to the subject matter of the work as a description or hint to the theme.

Sorting: Organising data by a rule such as alphabetical or numerical.

Axis: A fixed horizontal or vertical reference line for the measurement of coordinates or to plot data in a graph.

Data: A collection of information, especially facts or numbers, obtained by observation, questions or measurement to be analysed and used to help decision-making.

Row: Horizontal (across the page) divisions of a piece of work.

Column: Vertical (down the page) divisions of a piece of work.