In Year 3, pupils have been diving into the fascinating world of Egyptian art and patterns in their Art and Design class. They learned that ancient Egyptians used art to tell stories and decorate their surroundings, often using earthy colours like ochre, red, and brown.

The children explored these earthy tones and used oil pastels and sketch pencils to replicate traditional Egyptian motifs such as hieroglyphs, gods, goddesses, and geometric patterns. They began by sketching their ideas in their books, experimenting with different colour palettes inspired by ancient Egyptian art. After finalising their designs, they transferred their sketches onto scrolls, much like the papyrus scrolls used by the Egyptians.

To give their projects an authentic touch, the pupils tied up their completed scrolls with string, mimicking how ancient documents were stored and preserved. This hands-on approach not only enhanced their understanding of Egyptian art but also allowed them to appreciate the meticulous work of ancient artisans.