In Year 3, pupils have been immersing themselves in the captivating world of Egyptian art and patterns in their Art and Design class. They discovered that ancient Egyptians used art to narrate stories and embellish their surroundings, frequently utilising earthy colours such as ochre, red, and brown.

The children explored these natural tones and created collages using a variety of materials to emulate traditional Egyptian motifs, including hieroglyphs, deities, and geometric designs. They started by sketching their ideas in their books and experimenting with different colour palettes inspired by ancient Egyptian art. After refining their designs, they assembled their collages using materials like cardboard, masking tape, coloured paper, and textured elements onto scrolls, akin to the papyrus scrolls used by the Egyptians.

This hands-on activity not only deepened their understanding of Egyptian art but also allowed them to appreciate the intricate work of ancient craftsmen.