Jazz Ballet in Year 2

Jazz Ballet in Year 2

Children in Year 2 had their very first taste of Jazz Ballet, today! In this session, children explored movement and focused on exercise techniques such as stretching, running, and jumping. The children also took part in a variety of different games designed to explore the movement of the body – they worked independently, in pairs and as part of a team.

What is Jazz Ballet?

Jazz and ballet are two different styles of dance; ballet is a classical and more formal style, while jazz is more relaxed and informal. However, jazz is influenced by a lot of ballet technique as well as other styles of dance like hip-hop and modern. Combining jazz and ballet can be done in a few different ways, from music to dance style.

Today’s session was hosted by Jasmine, a trainee dance tutor from Newcastle College. Jasmine will be in our school for another 3 weeks and will work closely with the children in preparing a Jazz Ballet routine. Watch this space!



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