Year 1 have began their new history topic learning all about Victorian England and 1950s America. Children started by looking at Victorian sources and discussing what they noticed about the way people dressed, travelled and they types of jobs they did.

Victorian England was a time when there were no cars or airplanes, and people wore fancy clothes with big skirts and top hats. The rich people had big fancy houses with lots of rooms and sometimes even secret passages! People used steam trains as a way to get around as there were no cars or electric trains during this time. The most important person in Victorian England was of course Queen Victoria! She was queen for a very long time and everyone loved her! She wore beautiful dresses and lived in Buckingham Palace in London. Also, lots of young boys and men had the job of a chimney sweeper, they had to climb up chimneys to clean them and sometimes they would even get stuck inside!

Victorian England was like stepping into a magical storybook. There were so many exciting things to see and do!

Year 1 have also learned about 1950s America and even had the chance to see and listen to an old record player which people would have used to listen to their music.

1950s America was a time for change for Americans. There was Rock and Roll music from the likes of Elvis Presley, diners were hugely popular with their shiny jukeboxes, huge milkshakes and delicious food. Lots of people now owned fancy cars and even used them to visit drive in cinemas. By 1959 most Americans owned a TV which was a small box compared to the TVs we have today. People also did not have CDs, Apple Music or YouTube, they had to listen to their music on a record player!  The 1950s was a time of fun, music, and adventure in America.