Year 1 have had a fantastic morning learning all about Victorian toys, childhood and jobs with Richard also known as ThatHistoryBloke!

Children began their morning by learning about how children dressed in Victorian times, some children even had the opportunity to try on the clothes. Girls had to wear hats and long dresses, and boys wore shorts, long socks, waistcoats and flat caps to keep their heads protected when they went down the mines.

Pupils then looked at lots of different household items that were used in the Victorian era such as carbolic soap, a tin bath, a guzunder (chamber pot), washing dolly and flat irons. Children realised that we now have washing machines, dishwashers and dryers that do lots of the jobs for us that Victorian people would have had to do by hand and would have taken them a lot longer to do!

The children then finished their morning with Richard by looking at and playing with a range of Victorian toys including Jacob’s ladder, spinning tops and skittles. Lots of Victorian toys were made out of wood and metal so that they were sturdy and harder to break.

Year 1 had an amazing morning and learned lots about the Victorian period!