Year 1 have had a brilliant day out on their trip to Beamish! We started off our day by going to the Pit Village. The children learned about the lives of the coal miners and how they would pick the coal using a pick axe and a shovel.

We then looked at the miners houses. There were women making rugs and ironing their clothes, and men were putting more wood on the fires to keep their homes warm. They also grew all of their own vegetables in their gardens which they would use to cook their meals when they were ready!

After that, we then took a walk to the school building. We noticed that the desks were very different to ours in school and that there were no smart boards or white boards! The children also had the opportunity to play in the playground on the hopscotch and they all had a try at hoop rolling (which we found a bit tricky!).

We then took a walk to the 1900s town where we visited the dentist’s house, the bank, the bakery and the sweet shop. We bought lots of delicious treats to eat! 🍬

We finished our day in Beamish by playing in the 1950s playground. We have all had fun and learned lots about life in Victorian and Edwardian England⭐️👏🏼