Year 1 have been learning all about animals and their habitats within their science topic.

So, what’s a habitat? Well, it’s like a cozy house where animals live. Just like we have our homes, animals have their special places too. Let’s explore some of them together!

Forest Homes: Animals like squirrels, deer, and bears make the forest their home. They love to climb trees, dig in the dirt, and play hide and seek among the leaves.

Oceans: Imagine diving into the deep blue sea! That’s where many amazing creatures live. Fishes of all colors, whales, dolphins, and sharks call the ocean their home. They swim and glide through the water, exploring coral reefs and hidden caves.

Deserts: Now, deserts might seem hot and sandy, but they’re home to some tough animals! Camels, snakes, and lizards are like desert experts. They can survive with very little water and hide from the scorching sun in sandy burrows.

Polar habitats: For animals like polar bears, penguins, and seals, polar regions are just right! They have thick fur or blubber to keep them warm in the freezing cold. They slide on ice, swim in icy waters, and sometimes even take naps on floating icebergs!

So, animals have lots of different homes all around the world. Each habitat is special and unique, just like the animals that live in them!🐾