Problem Solving in Year One

Problem Solving in Year One

Year One have been working on Place Value this week dealing with numbers up to 100. They have looked closely at number order and used mathematical language such as more and less, greater than and smaller than.

The children spent time using Base 10 equipment breaking down numbers into their tens and ones and then wrote a mathematical sentence to match the number.

Later in the week in the week the children completed a series of challenges. One of these challenges involved four ten frames and counters. The children had to move 3 counters so each ten frame had the same value.


Another challenge the children completed was to solve this word problem,

There are 3 buckets of balls, red balls, green balls and blue balls.

The red balls are equal to the blue balls. There are 2 more green balls than blue balls.

There are 20 balls altogether. How many of each colour are there?



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  1. Daniel has been telling me all about how to work out tens and ones – he seems to have enjoyed this work!

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