‘Life through a Window’ Year One

‘Life through a Window’ Year One

As part of the launch of Pobble, the children engaged in a task to complete a piece of writing all about  ‘Life through a Window’. The children spent time discussing where their window was going to be and drawing an illustration to cement the idea. There were such a variety of ideas ranging from the window at the top of Rapunzel’s tower to a time machine window.

The children then thought about what the window would have see.letting their imagination and creative ideas flow. Finally the children wrote a paragraph, the quality of the writing was great!




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  1. I thought this was such a lovely theme to get the children to use their imaginations – Daniel was very engaged with it and was keen to tell us all about his story when he came home that day. I have since seen some of the children’s stories on Pobble and was very impressed with their descriptive writing – well done everyone!

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