Friday 5 Minute Friendships

Friday 5 Minute Friendships

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During Mr Turner’s Friday Assembly on 1 October, our Y4 and Y5 Wellbeing Ambassadors introduced us to CONNECT which is part of the 5 Ways to Wellbeing. They set us a challenge to connect with each other on the yard and they introduced Friday 5 Minute Friendships. The first conversations took place on Friday 8th October.

During lunchtime the Wellbeing Ambassadors, with their conversation cards, asked other pupils simple questions in the hope of starting a conversation with them.  Once the conversation was over, the card was passed on and the pupil then asked someone else a question. The conversations continued as the cards passed from pupil to pupil.

There were lots of children connecting and most pupils spoke to someone they hadn’t spoken to before, finding out more about them and the lunchtime staff also got involved.

Friday 5 Minute Friendships will take place each Friday during lunchtime.

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