Leave Of Absence

The attendance target for the whole school is over 96% every year.

The school monitors pupil attendance and routinely follows up unexplained absences and low attendance which has become a cause for concern.

Where a child is to be absent from school due to illness or other circumstances, it is expected that parents will contact school office staff with the reason for absence by 9.30am on the first day of absence.

Certificates are awarded for children with 100% attendance and excellent punctuality during each term of the school year.

Parents needing to take their child out of school during the day should seek the permission of the Headteacher. Medical and dental appointments should, where possible, be arranged out of school hours or during school holidays.

Government legislation no longer allows schools to authorize holidays for children during term time.

Governors wish to remind all parents and carers that holidays should not be taken during term time unless in exceptional circumstances (this is extremely rare) – in which case absence can be authorised by the Headteacher.

Parents taking their children out of school during term time must complete an Absence Notification form which is available from the Headteacher.