Before/After School Club

The following information and guidelines are provided for all parents/carers using the facility at St Teresa’s Breakfast/After School Club (BASC) children care provision.

All parents wishing to apply to the BASC need to complete and return an application form. The BASC is held in term time only, in school and provides a wide range of activities for children who are members of the school community. The ratio of adults to children is 1:13.

The clubs provide safe, stimulating activities including games, art and craft, computing, cooking and outdoor activities. Children are encouraged to participate in both adult led and independent play. They have opportunities to explore a range of age appropriate fun, positive and challenging activities.

Club Times

  • Breakfast Club 7.35am – 8.40am £5 per session including light breakfast before 8.20am
  • After School Club 3.20pm – 5.45pm £11.00 per session including a light snack
  • Last day of Term Club will close at 5pm

Charges are irrespective of the amount of time the child actually spends at the club e.g. if a child attends an out of school activity such as netball or drama, and then attends After School Club, payment for the full session is required.

Payment is required in advance and termly statements will be provided to parents to manage accounts and ensure voucher payments are at the correct setting amount.

Cancellation/Late collection of children
Once a booking has been confirmed, no refund will be given upon cancellation. Parents/carers of children who are collected after the closure time of 5.45pm will incur penalty charges of £10 per 15 minutes or part of. If a parent/carer is late on three occasions in any four week period, their child’s place in After School Club may unfortunately have to be suspended.

New Starters
Parents/carers who are considering using the clubs are welcome to visit and meet with the staff. All relevant, signed paperwork must be completed before the booking process can take place.

Arrival and collection of children
Breakfast Club
Parents/carers must bring their children into school each morning and sign them into the club. A light breakfast is given to the children who arrive to the club before 8.20am. At 8.40am children are signed out of the club by a staff member and taken by that staff member to their respective class.

After School Club
Children are signed over to the club by their class teacher. They are then collected and taken to their base for the first part of their session. Upon arrival for collection, parents/carers must sign their child out from the care of the After School Club. Staff must be informed, in advance if there is any change to the person who normally collects the child. If an unknown adult arrives to collect a child, a child will not be signed out and a late penalty charge may be incurred. No persons under the age of sixteen may collect a child from the After School Club.

Health and Safety
The health and safety of children within clubs is of paramount importance at all times. Information is held
• GP name and contact details
• Any known health problems relating to the child
• Special dietary needs
• Emergency contacts
A qualified First Aider is available on site at all times. Accident report forms are completed and parents/carers informed. Excellent hygiene practice is encouraged at all times. Staff follow the school’s guidelines and procedures for safeguarding and child protection. Equipment is checked regularly and staff encourage children to play appropriately.

At St Teresa’s Breakfast and After School Clubs, we believe that children and adults flourish best in an ordered environment in which everyone knows what is expected of them and in which they can develop their play and learning without fear of being hurt or being hindered by anyone else. We aim to develop an ethos which children develop self discipline and enhanced self esteem in an atmosphere of mutual respect and encouragement.
• Expectations governing conduct and behaviour are agreed and discussed and explained to all new starters at the club
• All staff apply rules consistently from common expectations
• Adults provide positive role models for children regarding friendliness, care and courtesy
• All adults praise and endorse positive behaviours such as kindness and willing to share
• Any incidents of serious misbehaviour, bullying or racism will be referred to the Headteacher who will take the appropriate action in line with the school’s Behaviour and Anti-Bullying policies

All policies can be found here