Forest School

Forest School

In Forest School the children took part in a wide range of fun and educational cross-curricular activities throughout May.

Reception investigated the effects of sea pollution. They recreated the sea bed using gravel, shells and sea creatures then added food colouring, oil and rubbish to demonstrate how this impacts the sea.

Year 1 enjoyed pond dipping, investigating different creatures using a magnifying glass and recording their findings.

Year 2 kept fit by running their daily mile around Forest School.

Year 3 made Roman shields and swords using old cardboard, sticks, string and paints.

Year 4 designed and created their own Egyptian jewellery using elder wood, string, old pieces of metal and gold paints.

Year 5 used their literacy, numeracy and cookery skills to follow an ancient Maya tortilla recipe, then enjoyed the results once they were cooked on the fire.

Year 6 whittled sticks then toasted marshmallows to make s’mores.




























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