‘Give It Up’ charity campaign

‘Give It Up’ charity campaign

This morning, all the children listened and learned about the work of CAFOD (Catholic Association For Overseas Development). The children heard about a boy in Bangladesh and the problems they encounter due to climate change. Lots of children and families around our world live in poverty and don’t have access to basic resources like water, clothes and food.

This Lent we are asking the children to ‘Give It Up’ and donate their money saved from this campaign to our collection for CAFOD. Children are being encouraged to take part in the ‘give it up’ challenge, which is simple. We are encouraging you all to either: give up a treat like chocolate or crisps and donate the money the campaign. Give up something more special like cinema trips, to raise even more money. Or you could go the extra mile and give up your favourite activity and get sponsored for it!

It was heart-warming and fantastic to see children on the way out of assembly this morning deciding to donate their tuck shop money to our collection -showing a selfless nature and ‘shining in little ways’.

Any money raised, regardless of how much it is during Lent can be donated to our ‘Give it Up’ glass bottle which will be outside Mr Turner’s office on the trophy cabinet. It would be a great achievement if we could fill it by the end of Lent.  Thank you for your continued support of our charity efforts and raising children’s awareness of social justice issues.


The jar above started this morning empty… it’s quickly filling up thanks to children’s kindness and generosity!


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