Year 6 Summer 2 Week 4

Year 6 Summer 2 Week 4

Hello Year 6,

I hope you and your family are well and continuing to enjoy your time together. Please find below all of the resources for home learning for next week.

Take care and stay safe,

Miss McTernan

Weekly menu: School-Closure-Menu-Summer-Term-2-Week-4

Maths Monday: Lesson 1 – Area and perimeter Lesson 1 Answers – Area and perimeter

Maths Tuesday: Lesson 2 – Area of a triangle (3) Lesson 2 Answers – Area of a triangle (3)

Maths Wed: Lesson 3 – Area of a parallelogram Lesson 3 Answers – Area of a parallelogram

Maths Thurs: Lesson 4 Answers – Volume of a cuboid Lesson 4 – Volume of a cuboid

Maths Friday: t2-m-4230-towers-maths-investigation-activity-sheet

English: Y6-Monsters

RE: RE Scripture

Science: Presentation MEDIUM – Activity


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