Year 4 Home Learning Tasks

Year 4 Home Learning Tasks

Please use the links below for the Home Learning Tasks for Year 4. The tasks are listed in the School Closure Menu Y4 with SPaG and reading comprehensions attached. The spellings for Spring Term are listed in the Spelling Term 2a Overview document and the Key Skills worksheets are the daily Maths tasks. Children should put all work into their workbooks, their Times Tables Rockstar logins and logins are stuck inside too. Any practical tasks can be recorded with either a picture or a few sentences in their books.

A pencil will be provided for all children to use. 

For other useful websites, please see the Home Learning General tab.


School Closure Subject MenuY4

Spelling Term 2a Overview

Key skills 1

Key Skills 2 Answers

Key Skills 2

Key Skills 3 Answers

Key Skills 3

Key Skills 4 Answers

Key Skills 4

Key Skills 5 Answers

Key Skills 5

Key Skills 6 Answers

Key Skills 6

Key Skills 7 Answers

Key Skills 7

Key Skills 8 Answers

Key Skills 8

Key Skills 9 Answers

Key Skills 9

Key Skills 10 Answers

Key Skills 10 Skills 1 Answers

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