Year 3 Home Leanring Summer Tern 2 Week 4

Hello Year 3. Thank you for all of the fantastic videos of your aqueducts and work. I was very impressed with you creativity and ingenuity when making your models. This week would have been our School Sports Day. Instead of not having it we are going to have a Stay at Home Sports Day. Information for which is in your home learning pack.


This weeks literacy is to plan and write a non-chronological report on the River Tyne. This links to our geography work this week looking at rivers. their are various websites connected to the power point to help with researching this subject.

Non-chronological report River Tyne

Rivers knowledge organiser


This week we are moving on to week 8 of White Rose Maths (WB 15th June). I would recommend the use of a fractions wall on activities when comparing fractions or looking at equivelant fractions as they allow for a visual comparison.


Lesson 1 – Order fractions 2020

Lesson 1 Answers – Order fractions 2020

Lesson 2 – Add fractions 2020

Lesson 2 Answers – Add fractions 2020

Lesson 3 – Subtract fractions 2020

Lesson 3 Answers – Subtract fractions 2020

Lesson 4 – Problem solving with addition and subtraction of fractions

Lesson 4 Answers – Problem solving with addition and subtraction of fractions

Afternoon topic activities

Below are a selection of afternoon activities linked to our topic. \there are also some suggested activities linked to Sports Day.

Year 3 Summer term 2 week 4 home learning

Solar still experiment

Lesson Presentation Rivers and Seas


Poster Template and Organisation



This week is the final week of the Choices RE topic. Children should complete the week 4 activities for this topic.

This week also marks the start of our final RE topic, Universal Church. This unit focuses on special places and what makes our world a special place. I have attached notes for parents on the content covered and the resources needed for the first weeks activity.


Explore, Reflection on significance

Universal church home learning planning


Special places in our world

Guided reading- Final chapters of History Hackers

History Hackers Roman Rescue Chapters 16-17 Extract

History Hackers Roman Rescue Chapters 16-17 Question and Answers

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