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Year 3 School Home Learning

Year 3 School Home Learning

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Designing a healthy snack

Designing a healthy snack

In class we thought it would be a good idea to design a healthy snack which could be sold at the school tuck shop. We made a design criteria for our snack, deciding it had to be healthy, delicious and easy to eat outside. Next cam ethe fun part. Tasting ingredients to see which flavours… Continue Reading

Shine Time Cosmic Stretching

Shine Time Cosmic Stretching

Shine Time activities started today and group of children chose to be part of ‘Cosmic Stretching’. The children all took part in a Harry Potter themed stretching session. The children listened to a condensed version of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. As the story was told the children all tried different stretching positions, for… Continue Reading

Reading at St. Teresa’s

Reading at St. Teresa’s

This week, Mr Turner and Mrs Mackenzie had the pleasure of visiting all the children’s classrooms looking at their learning environments. It was wonderful to see all the children’s work and all the great learning displays on show. Each class have fantastic areas that promote the love of reading to all our children. Children can… Continue Reading



We had a special visitor in class to help us celebrate the feast day of the Epiphany. We enjoyed learning about how this is celebrated in France and learnt the French words related to the feast day and ingredients used to bake the cake eaten during the celebration. Continue Reading

Advent 2019

Advent 2019

A huge thank you to all family and community members over the month of December for your support with everything that we managed to deliver in Advent. It started for staff with our weekly liturgy together -a great chance to come together as a team and take some time to reflect on the busy period… Continue Reading