Year 3

Home Learning WB 23.11.2020

Home Learning WB 23.11.2020

Please find below the home learning for this week:


This week we are looking at Kenning poems. A kenning is the process of using a two-word phrase in the place of a one-word noun.

Kennings powerpoint

Lessons 1:

Look at the kenning poem PowerPoint. Learning about the features and see if you can guess the subject of each Kenning.

Lesson 2:

Choose a Stone Age creatures from last terms topic. Make pairs of kennings you could use to describe your creature Choose your favorites ad use them in your own kenning poem.

Lesson 3:

It is Autumn, a beautiful time of year.  Research the seasonal changes linked to this time of year and sort them into things we can see, hear and feel at this time of year. You could also add experiences you link to this time of year.

Lesson 4:

Write a final draft of your kenning poem about Autumn and illustrate it with seasonal images.


Accompanying teaching videos for these activities can be found on the WhiteRoseMaths site under home learning. This week we are finishing addition and subtraction and moving on to look at multiplication and division.















In class we have learnt about the Stone Age and added to our timeline. Attached is some information on the Bronze Age. Choose your favourite part and use it, as well as online sources, to create a fact page.



Practise your sketching skills by doing some observational drawings. Start simple with a piece of fruit. Focus on lightly sketching the shape then build up detail by shading.

Year 3 Home Learning

Year 3 Home Learning

Here is the Home Learning for Year 3 this week. Maths The worksheets below can be used alongside the videos found on the White Rose Maths website under Year 3 home learning: Y3-Autumn-Block-2-WO18-Check-answers-2019 Y3-Autumn-Block-2-ANS18-Check-answers Y3-Autumn-Block-2-WO17-Estimate-answers-to-calculations-2019 Y3-Autumn-Block-2-ANS17-Estimate-answers-to-calculations Y3-Autumn-Block-2-ANS16-Subtract-a-3-digit-number-from-a-3-digit-numbers-exchange Y3-Autumn-Block-2-WO16-Subtract-a-3-digit-number-from-a-3-digit-number-exchange-2019 Y3-Autumn-Block-2-WO15-Subtract-3-digit-numbers-from-3-digit-numbers-no-exchange-2019 Y3-Autumn-Block-2-ANS15-Subtract-3-digit-numbers-from-3-digit-numbers-no-exchange Y3-Autumn-Block-2-WO14-Add-two-3-digit-numbers-crossing-10-or-100-2019 Y3-Autumn-Block-2-ANS14-Add-two-3-digit-numbers-crossing-10-or-100 Literacy This week in class we are continuing to plan our Non-chronological report… Continue Reading

Year 3 Home Learning for Isolating Learners

Year 3 Home Learning for Isolating Learners

Hello, Below you will find the work to complete while isolating at home. Please feel free to upload any completed work to Seesaw. Maths: The worksheets below can be used alongside the videos found on the White Rose Maths website under Year 3 home learning: Y3-Autumn-Block-2-WO-Mixed-addition-and-subtraction-problems-2020(4) Y3-Autumn-Block-2-ANS-Mixed-addition-and-subtraction-problems(1) Y3-Autumn-Block-2-WO10-Add-and-subtract-2-digit-and-3-digit-numbers-not-crossing-10-or-100-2019(1) Y3-Autumn-Block-2-ANS10-Add-and-subtract-2-digit-and-3-digit-numbers-not-crossing-10-or-100(1) Y3-Autumn-Block-2-WO11-Add-2-digit-and-3-digit-numbers-crossing-10-or-100-2019(2) Y3-Autumn-Block-2-ANS11-Add-2-digit-and-3-digit-numbers-crossing-10-or-100(1) Y3-Autumn-Block-2-WO12-Subtract-2-digit-numbers-from-3-digit-numbers-crossing-10-or-100-2019(2) Y3-Autumn-Block-2-ANS12-Subtract-2-digit-numbers-from-3-digit-numbers-crossing-10-or-100(1) Y3-Autumn-Block-2-WO13-Add-two-3-digit-numbers-not-crossing-10-or-100-2019(2) Y3-Autumn-Block-2-ANS13-Add-two-3-digit-numbers-not-crossing-10-or-100… Continue Reading

Year 3 Liturgy

Year 3 Liturgy

Year 3 had a class Liturgy today on the theme of Baptism. We planned in pairs then one pair was chosen to lead the Liturgy. We listened to the story of the Baptism of Jesus and thought about how it feels to belong to a group and community. Going forth we aimed to make others… Continue Reading