Home Learning Reception- Week 9

Good afternoon boys, girls and grown-ups,

I hope you are all well. Next week we continue our topic about the seaside, but the week’s theme is all about boats!

Here are some of the resources you will need;

Reception Home Learning Activities AM

Wider Curriculum and RE Grid

Early Years Home Learning and Background Notes for Parents (1)



A Boat for Little Bear

Does it sink or float

Who sank the boat








Have a wonderful weekend, hope you enjoy these activities next week. Remember, you can always get in touch with me using the Tapestry app.

Take care,

Miss Joynes

Reception Home Learning Week 7

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Reception Home School Week 4th May 2020

Reception Home School Week 4th May 2020

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Reception Home Learning Weeks 3 and 4

Here are some more ideas for home learning for Reception Class. Remember, it is currently the Easter holidays, this work is for WB 20th April and WB 27th April. Reception Home Learning Activities AM Writing resources Story mapping ideas t-l-9435e–new-first-100-high-frequency-words-handwriting-activity-sheets-looped-precursive (1) T-T-8350-In-the-Spring-I-See-Writing-Frame t-t-15488-what-would-i-take-to-space-rocket-writing-frame-_ver_1 Story mapping idea st-t-252097-visiting-the-moon-activity-sheet_ver_1Book Scavenger Hunt Reading resources t-l-054-phase-3-yesno-question-cards-_ver_2 t-t-254123-phase-2-tricky-words-word-search t-t-254124-phase-3-tricky-words-word-search_ver_3 t-t-254125-phase-4-tricky-words-word-search_ver_1… Continue Reading

Science- Will it blow away?

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Reading at St. Teresa’s

Reading at St. Teresa’s

This week, Mr Turner and Mrs Mackenzie had the pleasure of visiting all the children’s classrooms looking at their learning environments. It was wonderful to see all the children’s work and all the great learning displays on show. Each class have fantastic areas that promote the love of reading to all our children. Children can… Continue Reading