Information Technology

Year 2 – We are journalists.

Year 2 – We are journalists.

London Gazette


A fierce fire has blazed through the City of London. The fire started in the early hours of Sunday morning at 3 o’clock.  It is believed that the fire started at a small popular bakery on Pudding Lane. At this time, it is suspected that the fire started when embers, which had not been properly put out, fell onto dry straw, starting what locals have described as an, ‘Inferno’ …

We are journalists: children worked very hard this morning and put their typing skills to the test as they wrote their very own newspaper article about the Great Fire of London. Children used multiple skills and created: headlines, subheadings, images, and paragraphs of writing based on the fire.

We focused on the features of this text type by focusing on third person writing, writing in the past tense, eyewitness quotations, adjectives and nouns, and focused on the what, when, where and why?