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Year One Home Learning Week Beginning 05.01.21

Year One Home Learning Week Beginning 05.01.21

Happy New Year!

Here is the work for Year One for 05.01.21 to 08.01.21.


Power point for the week

Week beginning 05.01.21 HL


Addition and subtraction within 20 pre assess Y1

First Then Now Frame

number-line-numbers to 20

Ten Frame



Spring1.2.1-Add-by-counting-on-activity (1)


Worksheet 06.01.21



07.01.2021 number lines





Explore Special People

LF 1 Describe what is happening




Choose 2 characters and write a paragraph about each.







Choose one of the following differentiated worksheets to have a go at.




Wordsearch ew



Go on a material hunt around your house and see if you can identify what materials objects are made from and their properties.

Thank you






Home Learning Year One 14.12.20 to 18.12.20

Home Learning Year One 14.12.20 to 18.12.20

Hello Please find the home learning for the week. Phonics ir Geraldine the Giraffe learns /ir/ – YouTube phase-5-ir-flashcards-real-and-nonsense-words phase-5-quick-read-powerpoint-ir ue Geraldine the Giraffe learns /ue/ – YouTube find-and-write-the-ue-words-differentiated-activity phase-5-quick-read-ue-powerpoint Word Search aw Learn to Read | Phonics for Kids | Long Vowels – AU and AW – YouTube find-and-write-the-aw-words-differentiated-activity-sheets phase-5-aw-sound-words-flashcards-real-and-nonsense-words phase-5-quick-read-powerpoint-aw Literacy/R.E. KS1 All… Continue Reading

Science in Forest School

Science in Forest School

Today Year One went into forest school to investigate materials. The children went on a scavenger hunt to find lots of different objects around forest school. The task was then to complete a table identifying what material the object was made from and what were it’s properties. The children worked in pairs and had fun… Continue Reading

Week beginning 23.11.20

Week beginning 23.11.20

Please find the below the home learning work for Year One. Literacy Monday After watching the Zahra Film Clip, please write questions here question-mark-pattern 1st Task To write a question PP question-mark-pattern After watching the Zahra Film Clip, please write questions here Tuesday 1st Task Character Profile Diagram 1st Task Character Profile Sentences Wednesday 1st… Continue Reading

Science in Year One

Science in Year One

Today Year One were learning about natural and man-made materials in Science. The children went into forest school and completed a scavenger hunt identifying both natural and man-made materials. The children sorted them into sets.   After the scavenger hunt the children listened to a story and enjoyed a hot chocolate and a biscuit.   Continue Reading

R.E. in Year One

R.E. in Year One

Year One have started a new topic in R.E. all about Waiting. The children discussed how they felt about waiting for something such as a birthday or the birth of a new baby cousin. The class then talked about Advent and how it is a time for waiting and preparing for the birth of Jesus. The… Continue Reading

Year 1 – Week beginning 16.11.20

Year 1 – Week beginning 16.11.20

Here is the work for Thursday and Friday. Thursday 19.11.20 Numeracy 1.7 PP inverse Thursday Literacy handa pres sentences on fruit HL Thursday Phonics-Here is a booklet with activities linked to Phase 4 only do as much as you wish over the 2 days. new-phase-4-phonics-activity-booklet Science-if the same activity can be carried out at home… Continue Reading

Collective Worship in Year 1

Collective Worship in Year 1

Today a group of children shared a thoughtful worship all about Friendship. The children gathered together and made a friendship fist thinking about friends who were in need, friends who they were proud of, friends that can be challenging and children who need friends. The children then shared the reading ‘The Twelve Friends’ and then… Continue Reading