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Week 13 Reception Home Learning WB 6th June 2020

Good afternoon Reception,

It’s been so lovely to welcome some of our Reception children back into school this week. We’ve really enjoyed wellbeing week. Next week we’ll be doing the activities below, just like you at home. The theme next week is pirates!
Update us on Tapestry with what you’re doing, we’ll send you some messages from class.
Take care,

Miss Joynes

Activities/planning grids 

Reception Home Learning Activities AM

Wider Curriculum and RE Grid

Early Years Home Learning and Background Notes for Parents- RE Universal Church


Pages 1-5 Handwriting


My pirate character

Pirate Boy Story

The Night Pirates adjectives story map

The Night Pirates adjectives worksheet

Trap template


Pirate code cracker addition

Pirate doubles

Roll, add and colour

I spy game to 10          Answers               Checklist               I Spy and Count

I spy game to 20          Answers            Checklist                              I Spy

Numicon Counting/Recognition game       Number Shape Cut-Outs- Numicon      Print at 100% Guidance Numicon match   Pirate Ship Poster 2xA4           Pirate Treasure Chest Poster 2xA4      Pirate Hat Poster 2xA4Pirate Ship Poster 2xA4                     Pirate Treasure Chest Poster 2xA4



Phase 2 and 3 assessment sheet



Common Exception or Tricky Words for reading

RE and Wider Curriculum


Design your own pirate ship flag




RE what do you love about our world

The things I treasure most PSED


Filler Activities

Pirate early-writing-activities_




Snakes and Ladders Pirates 20 Version

Reception Home Learning 22nd June

Good afternoon, Here’s next week’s activities and resources for home learning. Please note, I have uploaded all books and poetry that you will need to Tapestry. Some are also available via YouTube. You will notice I have stepped away from Whiterose and have added my own activities- I hope you prefer these.  Have a lovely weekend… Continue Reading

Home Learning Reception- Week 10

Good afternoon Reception, Here are the resources you will need for next week. Next week’s theme is fantastic! It’s all based around the Julia Donaldson story, The Snail and the Whale. I hope you enjoy the activities I’ve prepared, I’d love to see what you’d been up to on Tapestry. I’ve uploaded lots of additional… Continue Reading

Reception Home Learning Week 7

Hello Reception, I hope you are all managing to access some of the home learning materials. Here are some activities for the coming week of 18th – 22nd May. Activity Grids Reception Home Learning Activities AM Wider Curriculum and RE Grid Whiterose Maths  Day-1-Hungry-Caterpillar Day-2-Hungry-Caterpillar (2) Day-3-Hungry-Caterpillar (1) Day-4-Hungry-Caterpillar Day-5-Hungry-Caterpillar Reading  Transport Early Reading Comprehension… Continue Reading

Reception Home School Week 4th May 2020

Reception Home School Week 4th May 2020

  Hi Reception and Grown-ups,  Here are next week’s home learning resources. Please use them in a way that best suits you, there is no expectation for you to complete everything!  Take care,  Miss Joynes x x x Activity grids  Reception Home Learning Activities AM Wider Curriculum and RE Grid Handwriting  largeletters.f2k1w2x2z2 largewords.f2k1w2x2z2 Sentences.f2k1w2x2z2 Phonics-… Continue Reading