Acceptable Use of Twitter Policy

Click here to Download a PDF version of our Twitter Policy


Twitter offers the opportunity to quickly share achievement, success and other information. It allows the school to demonstrate safe and responsible use of social media and modern technology.

Twitter is a social networking site. Account holders may send messages or ‘tweets’ of up to 140 characters in length at any one time. Each message can be accompanied by one photograph but may contain text only.


To allow all members of the school community to safely receive information quickly and for them to clearly understand the way in which the school will use Twitter.


The school’s Twitter account will be administered by the Headteacher in accordance with the school’s e-safety policy.

The Headteacher will manage all the settings, will approve all ‘follower’ requests and will post all tweets on behalf of the school. The Headteacher will not share the school’s Twitter login or password details with anyone else.

The school’s Twitter account will not be public. It is to be used and made available to current parents/carers, staff and governors of the school only. It will contain protected tweets. That means that only those followers who have been approved by the school will be able to view the tweets. Because the tweets are protected, they cannot be shared or ‘retweeted’ by any the school’s followers so they cannot be shared outside the school community.

When individuals make requests to follow the school’s Twitter account, their requests will only be accepted if their link with the school is obvious. If they are rejected, they should apply in person to the Headteacher, who will then accept the request, if appropriate.

The school will not follow any other Twitter users. This will protect the school’s account further.

The school’s Twitter account is not to be used by followers as a means of communication with the school. Any direct tweets from approved followers will not be replied to and anyone who posts negative or offensive direct messages to the school may be blocked.

Members of the school community who require a response from the school should use the usual channels i.e. telephone, email via website or letter.


The school will use Twitter safely to enhance its communication with members of our community.