PE & Sports Premium


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At St Teresa’s we believe PE and sport play an important part of making our vision statement a reality for every child.

In June 2013, the government announced additional funding for 2 years to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. We are committed to using this resource to develop high quality PE lessons alongside opportunities for children to partake in competitive sport and to take part in clubs which will encouirage healthy, active lifestyles.

Funding for schools is calculated using figures from the annual January census of all schools. All schools with seventeen or more pupils receive a lump sum of £8000 plus a premium of £5 per pupil based on the census figures.

The Government are spending over £450 million on improving physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools over  3 academic years 2013 to 2014, 2014 to 2015 and 2015 to 2016. Allocations of this extra funding are made directly to the  directly to schools.

Schools can choose how they use the funding, for example to:

  • hire specialist PE teachers or qualified sports coaches to work with primary teachers during PE lessons
  • support and involve the least active children by running after-school sports clubs and holiday clubs, e.g. the Change4Life clubs
  • provide resources and training courses in PE and sport for teachers
  • run sport competitions or increase pupils’ participation in the School Games
  • run sports activities with other schools

The downloadable documents advise how we intend to speand our allocation. Or how we have spent the grant over previous years.