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St Teresa’s Catholic Primary School

Special Educational Needs Information Report


St. Teresa’s is a fully inclusive school.

The life of St Teresa’s School is centred on our Catholic faith, in which we proclaim the Gospel values such as love, peace and justice, which influence all our activities and relationships.

We value and encourage the uniqueness of each child and recognise that everyone has a positive contribution to make to the life of the school community.

We value worshipping and celebrating together, sharing our Christian witness and building upon the foundations already established at home where parents are the first educators of their children.



 At St Teresa’s Catholic Primary school, we value the abilities and achievements of all our children, as our school mission statement states, and we are committed to providing the best possible environment for learning for all children.

This school provides a broad and balanced curriculum for all children. When planning, teachers set suitable learning challenges and respond to children’s diverse learning needs. Some children have barriers to learning which means they have special needs and require particular action by the school.

These requirements are likely to arise as a consequence of a child having special educational needs. Teachers take account of these requirements and make provision, where necessary, to support individuals or groups of children and so enable them to participate effectively in curriculum and assessment activities. Such children may need additional support or different support from that given to other children of the same age.

Children may have special educational needs either throughout their school career or at any time during their school career. This policy ensures that curriculum planning and assessment for children with special educational needs takes account of the type and extent of the difficulty experienced by the child.



There are a number of reasons why a child may be identified as having SEN:

  • ·         They have significant difficulty with their learning and are making far less progress than would be expected
  • ·         They have a specific learning difficulty, such as Dyslexia
  • ·         They have emotional or mental health difficulties
  • ·         They have difficulties with social communication and interaction
  • ·         They have sensory and/or physical needs, such as hearing impairment


This document is intended to give families information regarding the ways in which we support our pupils with special educational needs so that they reach their full potential.


We aim to;

 * encourage the spiritual development and prayer life of each child and help them to develop their relationship with God

 * offer a place where differences and problems are talked through and prayed through together and where success is shared and celebrated

 * provide a secure and happy environment where quality teaching and learning can take place

 * deliver a curriculum that meets the intellectual, physical and creative needs of each child as well as delivering spiritual, emotional and pastoral care

 * foster respect for, and recognise the rights of others, regardless of gender, race or ability and to offer equal opportunities to all

 * value the contribution of home, school, parish, community and diocese in our daily lives

  Aims and objectives

 The aims and objectives of this policy are:

 * to reach high levels of achievement for all children

* to be an inclusive school

* to create an environment that meets the special educational needs of each child

* to ensure that the special educational needs of pupils are identified, ‘assessed’ and provided for as early as possible

* to ensure full entitlement and access for SEN children to high quality education within a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum so that they can reach their full potential and enhance their self-esteem

* to work in partnership with children, parents and other agencies to share a common vision and understanding

* to achieve a level of staff expertise to meet children’s needs


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