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Chair Person         Clare Swinhoe

Secretary              Vacant

Treasurer              Emily Martin

 Class Representatives 2016-2017

Reception              Ramune Masri & Kath Carr

Year 1                   Helen Wood-Mitchell & Amanda Lewis

Year 2                   Ksenia Rea & Rachel Brown

Year 3                   Sheila McKeown & Emily Beat

Year 4                   Gabby Armstrong & Amanda Lewis

Year 5                   Sarah Crawford

Year 6                   Tracy Coldrick


Parental Involvement

The contribution made to the school by parents, parishioners and members of our local community is warmly welcomed. If anyone feels they have a special talent – or would simply like to offer an extra pair of hands, please contact the school office in the first instance.

All parents are expected to sign a home-school agreement which sets out the relative contribution and responsibilities of the school and parents with regard to the education process.

The PTA (Parent Teachers’ Association) at St Teresa’s is a friendly association of parents and teachers working together for the benefit of our school and our children.

They engage in fundraising initiatives that they design, organise and help to run. Events range from Halloween parties to quiz nights, Arts and Crafts events, Family BBQ and provide a great opportunity to help the school whilst having fun with families and friends.