Youth Ministry Celebration

Youth Ministry Celebration

Two of our Mini Vinnies went to the Cathedral yesterday to hand across our charity donation for the Youth Ministry Team (YMT).

All the way back in November the school celebrated Youth Friday, which was based around the theme of saying ‘Yes’. Back in November we decided to celebrate the day by having the theme ‘Be a Goodie wear a Hoodie!’. All the children came in to school wearing a hoodie or other jumper in celebration of the day. We raised nearly £200 which was handed across to the Bishop yesterday at the special service.

The afternoon service was a great one to be part of, as well as sharing in prayer and song, we also listened to the Gospel and were entertained by the YMT. Their message was an important one for us all -saying yes to God more. Yesterday we heard of Mary’s example, as well as other young people on our Diocese who have said yes to God and followed their faith -a truly inspiring afternoon!

Maybe one day, we’ll have children from St Teresa’s being part of the many great experiences YMT offer the young people of our Diocese.





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