Year 2

Forest School

Forest School

Easter preparations and activities filled our Forest School sessions in March. All of the children made a wooden cross adding a variety of different materials to decorate and enhance the message of The Crucifixion. Year 2 and 3 also used natural materials to make crosses to add to their Easter cards. During the last week of term all of the children had great fun hunting for clues around Forest School to find their eggs in our Easter Egg Hunt !








Year 1 collected different species and colours of leaves to decorate their crosses.










Year 2 used sticks bound together with string using the diagonal lashing technique to make their natural crosses.










Year 5 added a crown of thorns made from wire to their sticks that had been bound together using the diagonal lashing technique.


Reception returned to school with their hands full of eggs from the hunt.










Year 1 and 2 holding their egg and corresponding clue following their Easter Egg Hunt!










Year 3 and 6 were very happy with their prize following their East Egg Hunt.


Computer Science – Year 2

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P.E. Multi-skills – Year 2

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Maths Club

Maths Club

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Jazz Ballet in Year 2

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