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Year 2 – Materials

In science, Year 2 have been learning all about everyday materials. In today’s session, children looked at the suitability of everyday materials for a waterproof investigation. Children looked at plastic, rubber, paper, fabric, and many other types of materials. The children made a prediction for the suitability of each material and rated them with 1, 2, or 3 – 3 being given for an excellent waterproof material.

Year 2: Build a Robot

Year 2 have been bringing in materials for several weeks and have just begun to assembly their robots based on their own original designs.   Children have been challenged to add movable parts to their robots using either split pins or a hinge. As you can see, the children really got stuck into the build… Continue Reading

Year 2: Adam Bushnell

Year 2: Adam Bushnell

Adam Bushnell was in school today to deliver a session on creative writing. Children thought about 3 things that they would attribute to themselves if they were a knight or lady. These included hope, peace, strength, and love. Children were then unofficially knighted!   ADAM BUSHNELL is an author and storyteller working in the UK… Continue Reading

Year 2: Judaism

In R.E. we discussed other religions and focused on Judaism. The children learnt all about Shabbat. Shabbat is a very special day for Jewish people and the name itself comes from the Hebrew word for Sabbath. How Shabbat is celebrated: Celebrating Shabbat in a Jewish home. … Just before dark, the mother lights the Shabbat candles and recites a… Continue Reading

Year 2: Retell a Story

Today, Year 2 children have been busy writing part one of a retell of a story. Children are retelling the story of Little Turtle and the Song of the Sea. Children have been challenged to include the following skills: adjectives to describe nouns, adverbs to describe verbs, capital letters for proper nouns, capital letters and… Continue Reading

Year 2: Children’s Liturgy

Year 2 have now finished their first R.E. topic: Domestic Church/new beginnings. Children learned about the creation story in the bible and then looked at new beginnings in their own life. We discussed new clubs, a new year group, new teacher, and new friends, new challenges and expectations. Children have participated in Liturgical dance, writing… Continue Reading

Year 2: Story Plan

In class, Year 2 children have been listening to the story, “Little Turtle and the Songs of the Sea”. They will be retelling this story next week. Children have started to sequence the events using pictures and adding important story information underneath with a focus on adjectives that describe nouns and adverbs to describe verbs. Continue Reading

Year 2: Science

In science, children have started to look at different types of materials. They have discussed the uses of different everyday materials and are familiar with how some materials are used for more than one thing (metal can be used for coins, cans, cars and table legs; wood can be used for matches, floors, and telegraph… Continue Reading

Year 2: Gymnastics

Year 2 children have been doing gymnastics in their P.E. lessons and have been practicing a carousel of activities that include a focus on balance, agility, and movement. This week, children were given the additional task of using a bean bag to fully test their balance and to help with forward rolls! Continue Reading